Deepening alignment with life

Human Development Project
Bio Leadership - with Andres Roberts & Joeri Kabalt

Human progress defined by growth, competition, extraction and disconnection is destroying our ecological and social systems. What does this mean for the field of Leadership and OD? Shouldn’t we be taking the lead in redefining leadership to care for all of life?

Our Human Development Project sets out to connect people from across Leadership and Organisational Development to help change the narrative of leadership to care for our planet. To do this, we are hosting a series of ‘Inquiry Circles’, each a moment to share stories and tensions in redefining how we guide human progress. We are excited to be bringing together fantastic speakers to help us through 6 inquiry circles over 2021.

This work builds on a series of interviews we took in 2020, and we plan will build towards a deeper programme and collaborative inquiry later in 2021.

Circle 1. 27th January 2021
What does our work look like in ecological and social emergency? What drives our work now, and what responsibility do we take?

With guests:
Evelyn Doyle, HR Director, EMEA at Patagonia
Jon Alexander, Co-Founder, New Citizenship Project

Circle 2. 17th February 2021
How do we  grow a new culture of regenerative leadership for the world? What is the DNA of the new story?

With guest:
Mac Macartney, writer, speaker and founder of Embercombe

Circle 3. March 17th 2021
How does our work look if we genuinely work as an ecosystem for change? What does this mean for our relationships within organisations, the field, clients and more?

With guests:
Gonnie Been, Operations Director, World Benchmarking Alliance
Jennifer Menke, President, Regenerative Earth

Circle 4. April 7th 2021
How do we deepen our own personal development to support the deep change and replenishment that is needed in the world? 

With Guests:
Berend-Jan Hilberts, former Dean THINK school, coach and author of Unshackled Coaching
Renata Mendes, Founder of Actveda, speaker, self-knowledge specialist

Circle 5. May 19th 2021
How do we design new forms of work and intervention that meet the needs of our times? What principles and patterns would we work with? What does this look like in practice? 

With guest:
Michelle Holiday, guide, Creative strategist and author, The Age of Thrivability

Circle 6. 2nd June 2021
How will we leave a better legacy as a field?

With Guests:
Jean Boulton, Managing Director of Claremont Management Consultants)

Marina Minari, co-founder of Circulah and collaborator with CoCriar

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MCV - workshop Regenerative Interventions
with Monica Boos

What does it mean for the development of people in organizations when we strive for more balance in taking and giving? How can we support development which is inclusive, collaborative, adaptive and with care for all living systems? 

In this workshop we share design cues:

  • On an individual level you deepen the quality of presence and will reflect on regeneration in your own profession
  • We paint a map of the shift which is happening in the field of Organizational Development (OD). We offer examples of OD Interventions which are focused on purpose, interconnectedness and which are in themselves regenerative
  • We as a group go through an emergent learning process, where we practise deep listening and a generative form of dialogue
  • And the heart of our approach is inspired by Nature Which means that we will experience some of the interventions outside in nature.

* Februari 12 2021 Online workshop 2.30-5PM CET
* April 23th 2021 Zurich area, Switserland.

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