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Nature Retreats

Presence in the Wild - Romania
Women's Nature Retreat- South Africa
WoN UK Women's Journey
Mini Nature Retreat - Austria

Mini Nature Retreat - Austria                                         April 27th -30th 2023                                                                                                   In the beautiful Austrian mountains we will explore capacities for relaxation, presence and cultivating energy. 


Presence in the Wild - Carpathian Mountains Romania                                          August 31st - September 9th 2023                                                                            9-day Nature Quest, awareness training combined with walks and solo time in nature. Here you find more information about this retreat.                                      

Women's Nature Retreat - Karoo South Africa  March 2024                                                                                                    Women who normally not so easy meet, across the economic divides, races and ethical backgrounds. Together for one week in a privat nature reserve in the Karoo. Nature immersion, deep transformational dialogues, personal empowerment, learning from the diversity and a celebration of sisterhood. Here you find more information about this Uniting in diversity journey.